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Equipment A blend of modern & vintage equipment.
Alex Gerst An award winning producer and engineer!
3 Studios 3 different studios to fit every budget.
Equipment Huge selection of guitars, drums & amps!
Harvey Gerst A true living legend!

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Studio 'A' Package

Our basic Studio A Recording Package, with Alex Gerst engineering & mixing, features include:

  • As much recording/mixdown time as needed *(within reason)
  • Tracking on a vintage MCI 556D Analog Console with Pro Tools HD
  • Mixing on a World-Class SSL 4000 E/G+ Console with Pro Tools HD
    *(at our Lewisville studio)
  • Drums, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers & Keyboards are Available Free

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Studio 'B' Package

Our "Budget Price with a BIG Sound" Package special is only $200 per song *(for 3 or more songs), features include:

  • As much recording/mixdown time as needed *(within reason)
  • Free CD-R Stereo Master
  • Master DVD Backups may be purchased for $50 per project
  • Drums, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers & Keyboards Available Free

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ITR Studio News

Date: 10-16-2012
Its been a busy summer! Working with some great new bands! Just finished up a EP from Greysmith, Featuring Dunnagain from Moving Atlas, also just finished an EP from This Day Fourth, worked with The Vegas Stars on an EP, and the Mullet Boys too, Paris,TX rockers 6 Bullet Roulette came in to record an EP. Working with Evenmark on their new record. Kid rockers Drater came in to finish up their EP, also Instrumental Band Things of Earth came in and recorded an EP. Also recorded a cool track for a band called New Magnetic North, Featuring Tim and Brian from Darby. Also we are in the finishing stages with Spoonfed Tribe on their new record!

Date: 1-10-2012
Check out my latest interview with the Dallas Observer. Click here.

Date: 7-30-2011
Been a Busy summer! The studio has been working with some great bands, Like Moving Atlas on their new EP, Matthew JC and the All Stars on their new song for our troops and for a new Rockocumentry that will be coming out soon. Also Krash Rover is Finishing their new Full length album, And Kansas rockers Soulicit are back working on their 2nd album, And Brand New Machine is working on new songs too!

Date: 6-26-2011
Pretty cool write-up on DAD and I in the Denton paper. Click here.

Date: 6-1-2011
The new edition to the ITR amp arsenal! The ultra rare 300watt tube, Delta concept one amp system. Only 10 were made in 1974. And was the brain child of my dad Harvey Gerst. Those who have used the head at ITR Recently know how amazing it sounds, now you have got to hear it
with the speakers it was made for!

Date: 2-21-2011
Cure Gravity Teams Up with Gene Simmons!
Looks like another ITR studio band is taking it to the next level! It's official, Toronto act Cure Gravity has entered into a development deal with rock legend Gene Simmons of KISS, and his new imprint Simmons Records-Universal. Congrats, cant wait to work with you all again! More info here.

Date: 2-3-2011
WOW!! Right now Soulicit owns the rock charts on Ourstage! "Blow Me Away" is #1 in Hard Rock and "You Are The Song" is #1 in Modern Rock!!!!
Both recorded and produced by Alex Gerst.

Date: 1-3-2010
I just want to send out congrats to my boys Seasons After, they have been tearing up the charts for the past 3 months making their way up to #13 on the national charts with their album I Produced called Through Tomorrow!

Date: 8-9-2009
Well I've been really busy working with some really cool bands Like Fair to Midland, And Dallas Cowboys Linemen Hard rockin band Free Reign and Moving Atlas I just finished mixing a really cool band called
The Better Death! Well stay tuned. -Alex

Date: 7-18-06
Alex in the middle of the second Feds album.

Date: 7-06
Alex finishing up the new double CD Spoonfed Tribe album. They've been several months in the making and it's gonna be a killer release!

Date: 1-24-06
Alex begins work on the new Feds album. They received a very nice writeup in the 2006 NAMM edition of Pro Sound News.

Date: 12-30-04
Alex wins another "Producer Of The Year" Award. He's been nominated every year for the last four years and he's won 3 so far.

Date: 12-04
December's sessions (so far) include songs from: Evenmark, Naked Violet, Withered Dreams, Born2Nothing, Carbon Soul, and Radio Thursday.

Date: 10-04
This month's sessions included recording new songs from: X-Mobius, Downward, Disavow, Evenmark, The Feds, Naked Violet, Greenville, RedBud Revival, and Stillborn Nursery, and an eBay radio commercial to the tune of the Beach Boys' "Help Me, Rhonda", called "Help Me, eBay".

Date: 4-03
We purchased three Mackie HDR2496 Hard Disc recorders to allow us to do on-screen editing in real time, and to provide for protools-compatible transfers. In the meantime, Alex keeps on winning awards, and several albums recorded here have been picked up by major labels. Alex has made a lot of new high-powered record label connections (Sony, MCA, Andrew Murdock, Chris Lord Alge, Randy Nicklaus, Tim Palmer, Eddie Shreyer, etc.). They've asked Alex to keep an eye out for groups he thinks might have major label potential.

Date: 1-24-06
Alex begins work on the new Feds album. They received a very nice writeup in the 2006 NAMM edition of Pro Sound News.

We now have 3 new dedicated guitar amp isolation booths, vocal booths, and a lounge area - with Nintendo, Playstation, Dish TV, Foosball, and 2 free pinball machines, etc. See the "Photo Gallery" for full pictures.

So, does this mean we're raising our prices? Even though we're upgrading our equipment in both rooms and improving the sound, our Studio prices remain among the lowest in North Texas.

Studio A will be for large projects and will be a little bit more expensive than Studio B, but still very affordable for people who need a larger room for big projects. These two rooms are the only studio in North Texas designed by George Augspurger (one of the world's foremost studio designers).

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