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MoreMe™ Headphones

They're called "MoreMe"™ headphones because they bring out the detail range of frequencies that you need to hear when you're tracking.

MoreMe™ Headphones

Here's What Got Me Started Selling Headphones

If you need isolation phones, it's usually for tracking, where you need "really loud" first, "great isolation" second, "good sound" third, and "rugged construction" fourth. Most quality phones do some of those jobs pretty well, but at a premium price. But, in most medium sized studios, you'll find a mish mosh of different phones, some working, some not. The cords and phones get stepped on, yanked, and generally abused. For a while, I used the Radio Shack Pro 40 "Hall of Fame" headphones, and every set I bought (around 15 of them, at $40 a pop) are now busted. $600 down the drain. The Radio Shack Racing Headphones have good isolation, but they're only mono and also expensive. I also have about 5 pair of Sony 7506s, all with only one side working. Another $500+ down the drain. I have 8 pair of Grado SR-60s and SR-80s; only one of them is still working.

I have a pair of Studio Kans and 2 pair of the Metraphones that keep on ticking, but as people have pointed out, they're heavy and uncomfortable, not great sound, and expensive. The Ultraphones look like a real winner, but at those prices, I'll be damned if I'm gonna buy a bunch of them and pass 'em out to punk and metal groups for tracking. The Extreme Isolation phones make your head feel like it's clamped in a vice. So, I started looking around for some phones I could use for tracking, and I finally found some cheap phones that work pretty damn well. I'm selling these things to people who need some reasonable isolation, loud sound, rugged construction, and inexpensive prices. I've been using them here in my studio for the last 8 years, and most everybody likes them.

What They "Are"

They're called MoreMe™ headphones because they bring out the detail range of frequencies that you need to hear when you're tracking. MoreMe™ headphones use 32 Ohm, 2-1/2" drivers (a little over 60mm), so they'll work with almost any amplifier and you can use several pair without loading anything too hard. They can hit 105dB (loud enough to cause ear damage). They have a "Stereo/Mono" switch with easily detachable earpieces, so that two people can use one set of phones (for recording choirs and backup singers). They also have metal adjustable earcup holders (not plastic), so you can bend them to clamp on your head really tight. The MoreMe's™ have pretty decent isolation, and a low enough price (i.e., dirt cheap) to ensure that even the smallest home studios can afford to have a few sets around without robbing their piggy banks.

I've added a nice little touch: the MoreMe™ labels are color-coded. Most people don't realize that phones with single cords always have the cord coming out of the left earpiece. Like Sony, I've made the label for the left earpiece blue, and the right earpiece label red (red usually stands for right). The Studio Deluxe models also feature added insulation inside the earcups to improve midrange smoothness and increase isolation.

What They "Aren't"

So what's the downside? They have a damn short coil cord (which can actually save them from being stepped on). No, they don't sound as good as the Sony 7506s or the Sennheisers or the AKG's, but for tracking, they're good enough (and cheap enough) for most people to use and get outstanding results. The manufacturer claims 20Hz to 20kHz, but it's actually more like 30 or 40Hz to around 15 or 16kHz. The Studio Deluxe headphones have a little more bass extension, and slightly smoother response. I wouldn't recommend using either of them for final mixes or mastering (I wouldn't use any phones for that), but for tracking, they work great (or at least, they work "good enough"). At ITR Studio, we've used them as tracking phones for groups signed to Sony, Epic and MCA, and nobody's complained so far.

The Warranty

I guarantee them to work reliably for 6 months. If they break for any reason during that period, you'll get a free replacement, but you pay the shipping costs. If they break after six months (but within the first year), I'll replace them for either $10 (Standard) or $15 (Deluxe), plus shipping costs. If they break after the first year (but within the second year), I'll replace them for $15 (Standard) or $20 (Deluxe), plus shipping costs.

If Things Go Wrong

The biggest problem is trying to get something fixed fast when it breaks. With most companies, you run into all sorts of BS about return authorization forms, sales receipts (which you lost years ago), warranty inspection procedures, and a dozen other ways to cause you headaches and take time. All you want to do is get on with your life and get something that will work. Well, I'm gonna make all that simple for you. If one of these products breaks during the warranty period, simply call me at: (940) 482-3422, or email me at: XXXXXXXXXX and say, "the damn things broke". Send the broken set back to me (along with a check for however much isn't covered under our warranty), and I'll priority mail you a new set immediately.

If you wanna try them for a while, the standard MoreMe's™ will cost ya $22 ($32 for the "Studio Deluxe" models) plus shipping. If you don't like them, send them back within a month or so, and I'll refund your money (minus shipping costs).

General Specifications:

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms +/- 10%
  • Maximum Input Power: 100 mW
  • Frequency Response: 30 - 18,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB S.P.L. @ 1 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Distortion: less than 0.5% THD at 105 dB SPL at 1 kHz
  • Weight: 56 gram
  • Plug: 1/4" Stereo Plug

Here's how to order the MoreMe™ headphones:

The MoreMe™ "Studio Standard" headphones are $22 each. The MoreMe™ "Studio Deluxe" versions are $32. In the US, I use Priority USPS and charge as close to actual cost as possible without any added "handling fees". If the shipping cost added when you order (using the form below) seems too high, call me at: (940) 597.8196, or email me at: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I will refund the difference if it's wrong. International and overseas shipping costs vary, and you should always call or email to get actual costs.

*The order form below will show the actual shipping costs within the US when you enter your zip code.

Special Deal

Buy four Deluxe headphones and we'll add a fifth headphone free!!

That's right; get 5 Deluxe Headphones for only $128 when you order 4 !!

Some Other Cool, Cheap Stuff...

I found some Shure type mic holders and some Spring Clip Mic Holders that are pretty cheap ($2.50 each), and extras are always handy to have around. These aren't the cheap "all-plastic" kind, either - they have the 5/8" threaded brass inserts molded in. They go for around $5 at Radio Shack, and $3.99 at Musician's Friend. If you order them at the same time as the headphones, shipping costs don't increase much - they're pretty light.

Sure-Clip Mic-Clip Wire

And I've now added a 25 foot, heavy-duty, stereo headphone extension cable. They're $8 each, plus shipping.

The Problem With Drummers...

If you're a drummer that does a lot of recording, you already know the problem; you need volume and isolation in your headphones. Even the headphones that clamp your head like a vice won't cut it. You need isolation and lots of it. If you're a professional drummer or singer playing in a big venue, you'll probably have custom made $200 to $500 in-ear monitors, and possibly expensive hearing protectors over that. But what if you're a drummer or singer that can't afford that, or you run a studio that has a lot of drummers or vocalists coming through your place? You can't afford to be passing out free in-ear monitors to every drummer and singer. Well, now you can.

Drummers Isolation Earbuds Drummers Protector Headphones

What They Are...

I call them "DrumFones", but they can be used by anybody that really needs massive isolation and fidelity. It consists of two units: In-ear Isolation Ear Buds, and hearing protectors that go over the earbuds for extra isolation. You can now buy one or two of our Hearing Protectors and a lot of Isolation Ear Buds for cheap to pass out to visiting drummers and vocalists. The Hearing Protectors are similar in function to the Vic Firth models, but only $15.00 instead of the $37 price they charge. The Isolation Ear Buds are also $15.00 each, and come with an extra set of earpads, and a 1/8" to 1/4" stereo adaptor. If the drummer/vocalist has his own In-Ear monitors or earbuds, just add the hearing protectors and they are good to go.

The Warranty

Like all MoreMe™ products, I guarantee them to work reliably for 6 months. If they break for any reason during that period, you'll get a free replacement, but you pay the shipping cost. If they break after the first six months (but within the first year), I'll replace them for $10, plus shipping.

Need International Shipping? Contact Harvey for shipping options.

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