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Studio 'B'

STUDIO 'B' Equipment List:

Multi Tracks:

  • Mackie HDR24/96 24-track Hard Disk Digital Recorder w/Remote


  • Soundtracs Topaz 32 Channel, 8 Buss Console


  • Tascam DA-30 Mk II DAT Recorder
  • HHB 800 CD-R/RW Recorder


  • JBL 4311-B Custom JBL 3-way Studio Monitors
  • JBL PSW1200 Powered Sub-woofer
  • Wharfdale 8.2 2-way Near-field Monitors


  • Studio Kans Drummer Headphones
  • 10 "MoreMe" Isolation Headphones
  • Sennheiser HD-420 Headphones
  • 2 Rane HP-6 Stereo Headphone Distribution Systems
  • Oz Audio Q-Mix HM-6 Headphone Distribution System *(6 separate headphone mixes)

Mic Preamps:

  • Great River Electronics MP-2 Stereo Mic Preamp
  • Safe Sound P1 Mic Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Expander
  • Studio Projects VTB-1 Mic Preamp
  • Audio Buddy Stereo Mic Preamp
  • DMP-3 Stereo Mic Preamp


  • 6 FMR Audio RNC 8380 Stereo Compressors
  • 2 FMR Audio RNLA Stereo Compressors
  • dbx166 Stereo Compressors w/Noise Gates
  • dbx166XL Stereo Compressor w/Noise Gates
  • Autocom Stereo Compressor
  • Ashley SC-50 Compressor
  • Ashley SC-33 Stereo Noise Gate
  • 3 Dod 844-II Quad Noise Gates (16 Channels)
  • 2 X4400 Multigate Pro Quad Intelligent Noise Gates (16 Channels)


  • Antares ATR-1 Vocal Intonation Processor
  • Yamaha SPX-90-II Stereo Effects Processor
  • Digitech Studio Vocalist EX Harmonizer
  • Lexicon PCM-41 Digital Delay
  • 2 Lexicon ALEX Stereo Reverbs
  • Roland SRV-3030 Stereo Effects Processor
  • Roland SRV-2000 Stereo Reverb
  • 3 Roland SE-50 Stereo Effects Processors
  • ART SGE Stereo Effects Processor
  • Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-220A Digital Drum Machine

EQ's/Outboard Gear:

  • dbx 1531 dual 15-band Stereo or mono 31-band Graphic Eq
  • 2 dbx 242 5-band Parametric Eqs
  • Kawai EQ-8 8-band Parametric Eq
  • N.E.I. Stereo 4-band Parametric Eq
  • dbx 120x Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer

A to D Converters:

  • Lucid Technology AD620 20-bit Convertor


"Budget Price with a Big Sound"

Most studios charge by the hour, or they charge a daily or weekly block rate.

Groups who record under these conditions are often so busy watching the clock, they don't always do their best work, or they find themselves running out of money before the project is completed.

They often wind up with a rushed, or only half completed album. We don't believe groups should be concentrating on anything but the music when they're in the studio.

Our "Budget Price with a Big Sound" special is only $200 per song *(for 3 or more songs).

This special $200 per song *(3 song minimum) package includes the following:

  • As much recording/mixdown time as needed *(within reason please)
  • Free CD-R Stereo Master *(extra CD-R masters are $10 each)
  • Master DVD Backups may be purchased for $50 per project *(See bottom)
  • N.E.I. Stereo 4-band Parametric Eq
  • Drums, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers & Keyboards Available Free

The "Budget Price with a Big Sound" price is $200 per song *(3 song minimum).

*The Fine Print:
To take advantage of the "Budget Price with a Big Sound" Studio B rate, we require a $200 deposit before we schedule the session (refundable if the group gives at least one week cancellation notice). The balance is due at the start of the actual session. We also assume that the band is well rehearsed on all the songs, and that all solos, intros, and endings have been planned out beforehand, and the studio will not be used as a rehearsal hall. Rehearsals, remixes, and adding more parts after a completed mix are extra. Extra time due to those circumstances will be billed at the rate of $50 per hour.

**(We also offer a straight $40 per hour "Budget Price with a Big Sound" special rate, or block rates of $350 for 10 hour blocks, if you prefer to work that way.)

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